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Jenna Monroe is an inspiring singer/pianist, holistic singing teacher and practitioner of vibrational healing through the voice. Jenna lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Her work is an integrated synthesis which draws equally from traditional and contemporary vocal technique & incorporates a variety of therapeutic modalities & experimental practices.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, breath work is more important than ever. For many years, I've been asked by people from all over the world to teach online & I am now doing so. I can now welcome new students globally.
While singing is in & of itself uplifting & contributes significantly to emotional & physical health, the specific integrated breath & movement exercises I have developed over many years develop lung health & mindful calm also tip us effortlessly into a parasympathetic response, 'rest & digest'. It is critical during this pandemic that we remain in this area of calm & healing as much as possible, avoiding an inflamed 'fight or flight' response (adrenalin & cortisol release) which, long-term, lowers our immune response.

Jenna Monroe is an inspiring singer, holistic singing teacher and practitioner of vibrational medicine through the voice, a specific form of sound healing. Jenna lives in Stroud, Gloucestershire, England. Her work is an integrated synthesis which draws equally from vocal technique, therapeutic modalities & experimental practices.
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Jenna Monroe singer and EFT practitioner

"An absolutely mesmerising performer" Marion Montgomery - singer

"Impossible to pigeon-hole...breath-taking beauty... her rich voice effortlessly opens the listeners' hearts." Stroud News & Journal


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